Easter Season

Happy Easter!

Easter Sunday is the first of 50 days in which we celebrate God’s life-giving love! The Easter Season is the Season of Initiation into the Body of Christ: the season of Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist. This is the season of renewal for all of us in our life in Christ. We begin this feast of initiation with the renewal of our own Baptismal Promises at the Easter Vigil and our Easter Sunday Masses—a sign of our willingness to work to bring about the reign of God in the world.
Throughout the season we will celebrate as a Sunday Assembly the Baptisms of our newest members, the First Communion of our young people, and the Confirmation of our adolescents. And on Pentecost Sunday, May 19, we will bring this 50-day feast to fulfillment and completion as we gather as a parish family for our "One Community, One Mass" Pentecost celebration.

We are called to engage in the transformative nature of the Easter Season, to open our hearts and our lives to the Risen Christ, and to bring that presence of peace and forgiveness and tolerance and hope into the world. It is in this season that we are formed as disciples and challenged to take action. Stay open, participate in the celebrations of the season, explore where you are called to, and strike out boldly! And remember that the community is always here to support you, wherever you find yourself on the journey.